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In a fanzine lifetime, reaching the 50th issue can be considered as a milestone. It is also an opportunity to present a new t-shirt of any size or any model (man or woman). The famous Igor is represented on the front and Prog-résiste's logo is reproduced on the back, underlined by the site URL.

Devant Derrière
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If ever you would like to have this t-shirt (highest quality: 205 g for man's model- M and XL, 165 g for woman's - S, L and XL), it would cost you 10 only (+ p&p for each). Don't wait too much.

1. Ordering Quantity
Size   (If more than one please separate with a comma)
Model Man - Woman
P&p Belgium (2 EUR/t-shirt) - Other countries (5 EUR/t-shirt)
2. Total €, to be paid using :
  • via
  • By money transfer on the belgian bank account 001-3464926-65 (possible international transfer possible)
  • By check labeled to Prog-rsiste, which you send to:

Prog-résiste A.S.B.L.
c/o Jean-Marc Roussel
BP 10061

B-1300       Wavre - Belgique
E-mail :

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Owner name and address Prog-résiste A.S.B.L.
chemin du Pont de Briques, 55
B-5100   Jambes
International Bank Account Number (IBAN) BE18 0013 4649 2665
Bank name and address Fortis Bank
Montagne du Parc, 3
B-1000   Brussels
International BIC (SWIFT) code GEBABEBB
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