The Belgian magazine of Progressive Rock

Prog-résiste on radio - Labyrinth of Prog!

Every second Thursday on Radio Quartz (93.9 FM or by streaming), from 9 'till 11 PM, the broadcast will let tou discover Progressive Rock under many aspects. News, files, interviews,... The Labyrinth of Prog will help you to recover your path. Let you be guided!

They also broadcast prog music

If you are a DJ and you have a program dedicated to the Progressive Rock, don't hesitate to contact us, we will list the informations (date and time, frequences, region) here.

  • On a regular basis, Marc Isaye invites our Pierre Romainville during his famous broadcast "Les Classiques", perpetuating our past interventions on Classic 21 (formerly Radio 21). See playlists.

  • On Classic 21, Nicolas Blanmont's broadcast presented unknown aspects of Rock Music, including Progressive Rock . See playlists.
Radio 21
  • Ghent (B) - On the Rock on RockFM - 107.7 FM + Web radio
    Every Sundays, from 8 'till 11 PM , presented by John "Bobo" Bollenberg (check the play-list)
    This program is also broadcasted on Laserradio at the same time as on RockFM.

  • Mons (B) - Radio UMH - 106.9 FM or by streaming on
    Every other Thursday, from 6 to 8 PM

  • Lille (F) - Radio Campus Lille - 106.6 FM or by streaming on
    Jonathan Dekaiser animates "Le Cimetière des Arlequins" every other Monday, from 8 'till 9 PM.

  • Paris (F) - Morow Radio - Web radio

  • Caen (F) - Opus Dopus on Radio 666 every Saturday between 21.30 and 23.00 - PROG & KRAUTROCK Special

  • SYMPOSIUM: radio broadcast on a Oise (France) local station. Every Monday between 9:30 and 11:00 PM, they freely mix Progressive Rock and Metal, including sometimes Black Metal (mainly from Scandinavia), with classical music pieces.

  • Lyon (F) - Radio Metal - Web radio

  • CFLX - La radio communautaire de l'Estrie
    Every Wednesday, between 21:00 and 22:00, Bourgault bros, Gérald et Jean-Piere, present Maniaco-Progressif. The program is dedicated to any musical genres related with progressive music: folk, e-music, jazz, classic, ...
    The broadcast is available on streaming.

  • Purple Piper®
    Andrea Salvioli is a long-term subscriber (issue #20). Moreover he is in charge an Italy-based Web radio