The Belgian magazine of Progressive Rock

Our partners

  • Chromatique - This French webzine is our partner for prog news since 2005.
  • Music Emporium - All the prog CD's in Belgium.
  • Classic 21 - Every two sundays per month, Marc Ysaye in collaboration with Prog-ré́siste broadcasted 1 hour of progressive music during his well-known program "Les Classiques".
  • Francis "Ekwé" Gé́ron, the boss of the "Spirit of 66" in Verviers (B), organizes a lot of progressive gigs in his club. To have an overview on the gigs to come, with description, photos and MP3 excerpts, have also a look on the website of our collaborator Piero.
  • Thierry Guilleminot is our logo's designer. Member of the prog band Longshot, he's also the initiator of the prog mag Progjet.