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Summary of issue 68

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Date : April 2012
Pages : 132
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The Attic

pär Lindh & Bjorn Johansson, Citizen Cain, phil Manzarena

Clasic Rock

Be-Bop Deluxe

I Love 90's

After Crying - We can love gifted people

Bureau of Mutations

Magma's children (2)


Long live Italian prog - Prog Exhibition, 5-6/11/2010

Psychedelic Rock

Second part: USA Frisco and not Frisco

Hogarth / Barbieri

Uncriminal conspiracy

gavin Harrison

A busy career


…  sets sail


… come again from permafrost

17 Pygmies

Live long and prosper !

andré Balzer

Music, words, ideas…

Garden Wall

Another way of “breathing” rock music

My Brother The Wind

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