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Summary of issue 101


Date : July 2020
Pages : 132
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Classic Rock

New Order

Event/discovery albums

the Flower Kings - Waiting for Miracles
Mangala Vallis - Voices
Pattern-Seeking Animals - Prehensile Tales
Pendragon - Love over Fear
Pure Reason - Eupnea
Sons of Apollo - MMXX

The Wonderous Stories of Uncle... Thierry

Peter Gabriel, Flosam and Jetsam, part 2


Gentle Giant - Unburied Treasure
Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear / Afraid of Sunlight

Area 51

Trent Reznor

Amazing gigs

Ayreon - Electric Castle Live


Quantum Fantay
the Flower Kings
About Frank Zappa

Does Humor belong in Prog music?

Zygomatic Galaxies, Notebook II, Secnod Constellation of Oldies (1959-2006)

All tastes are in nature

Alternative tendencies

I taste prog in it. There is some!

L'Amiral Beatnick - Part 1 (Michel Polnareff)

CD Reviews

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