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Prog-Résiste is today the most popular progressive magazine published in French and distributed in more than 12 countries. 103 releases have been published since 1994. Today Prog-Résiste high quality offset edition runs to almost 1000. Readership is estimated to about 2500.

In 132 pages, more than 150 new progressive & metal/gothic CD's are reviewed every quarter. Besides its reviews Prog-Résiste provides tons of information (news, events), concert reviews, interviews, in-depth paper on specific prog matters, readers feedback, prog related literature, musicology... a huge meal for peanuts !

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We propose you to help you in promoting your Label, your latest CD, your CD Shop, the Festival you organize, your Radio Station...

  • If you want to put an ad in Prog-Résiste we ask you to respect the following submission deadlines, in the interest of our subscribers.

Deadline schedule

Prog-RésisteDeadlineStreet date
Issue Nr 1061st September 20211st November 2021
Issue Nr 1071st December 20211st February 2022
Issue Nr 1081st March 20221st May 2022
Issue Nr 1091st June 20221st August 2022
  • Submitting an ad means that we get both the ad copy in TIFF Format 300 dpi and the up front payment by the mentioned deadlines. The rates are the following:


1/2 page b&w 70 €
1 page b&w 110 €
1/2 page color2nd or 4th cover page:
3rd cover page:
Color inside:
110 €
95 €
95 €
1 page color2nd or 4th cover page:
3rd cover page:
Color inside:
175 €
150 €
150 €
Your own flyer inserted 75 €
Your banner on this websiteHome page12 € a month
  • to check if space is still available.

  • For a B&W ad you should set your TIFF as a 300 DPI, 256 gray levels. For color productions set your TIFF as a 300 DPI CMYK. Please send us a CD with your artwork or contact us and we will communicate you the e-mail address where to send it.

  • For your banner on this website, the size must be 480x80 pixels, 75 DPI maximum. A hyperlink pointing to your website can be associated with the banner (it will open the site in a new window).

  • The following payment methods are available:

    • By credit card


      Contact the treasurer for details:

    • With an International Money Order made payable to

    • Prog-résiste ASBL
      c/o Jean-Marc Roussel - Treasurer
      avenue Ph. Marschouw, 35
      B-1300 Wavre

    • With an International Money Transfer drawn on the Fortis Bank to Prog-résiste account number 001-3464926-65, IBAN = BE18 0013 4649 2665, BIC (SWIFT) = GEBABEBB

    • For any additional questions info send us a mail to


    • A discount of 25% is given when ordering ads for the whole year (different layouts possible).